Warrior 150 Challenge hikes – Routes

Visit each Warrior 150 Challenge hike page and download the map and route for Day 1 and Day 2 and bring with you to the respective hike. It has turn by turn directions for the routes, hydration stations and other important trail information. Hikes must be walked on the event dates that are scheduled, in order to count towards the Warrior 150 Challenge. It is okay to hike the entire distance of a 2 day hike on one event day only (with the understanding the event organizers will not be supporting the hike the additional distance), as long as you sign-in on either Day 1 or Day 2.

Buckeye Trail – Blue Blazes

All Warrior 150 Challenge Hikes (not including the TVT Challenge) are ” entirely on the Buckeye Trail. The Buckeye Trail is marked with painted blue blazes and signs. The blue blazes 2″x 6″ and are painted on trees, poles, posts and other objects along the route. A double blaze, or two blazes together, indicate a turn or change in direction. Pay attention and look for the next blaze ahead of you. Blazes are less frequent when there are long stretches between intersections. As long as you are following the blue blazes you are on the correct route.” Below are examples of Blue Blazes.



Bring water with you to each day, and be sure to fill your water bottles at home. Hydration stations will be provided each day of the Warrior 150 Challenge. You need to supply your own snacks. We are working with community donors to have extra snacks and water available, please check each Warrior 150 Hike for specifics.


Arranging transportation for each hike, to return to cars parked at start location or to start Day 1 or Day 2 are up to each participant to arrange. Check each Warrior 150 Challenge Hike specific page, as some (not all) of the hikes there are local options to contact independently about transportation. Any services listed, does not indicate support by the Dayton VA Medical Center or other community partners. Carpooling and buddy system are encouraged!

Overnight Accommodations

If overnight accommodations are needed,  the accommodations are the responsibility of each individual participant. Check each Warrior 150 Challenge hike specific page, as some (not all) of the hike pages have local resources to contact. Any services listed, does not indicate support by the Dayton VA Medical Center or other community partners.


Participate in each Warrior 150 Challenge in weather conditions you are comfortable with. If unforeseen weather conditions are a concern, please return to this page 12-24 hours prior to each hike for any updates.

Dayton Hikers

Each Warrior 150 Challenge hike is listed in if you would like to connect with other hikers or see other hikes available to participate in please visit website.