Registration Details

This event is free and open to the public. Pre-registration is not required. Print the  Warrior 150 Challenge Registration Form  and bring to the first Warrior 150 Challenge hike. Participants will be required to supply contact information and sign a waiver. After your first hike each participant will be asked to “sign-in” at the beginning of each additional Warrior 150 Challenge hike.

Check -in

Participants must check-in at the Registration Table before starting a Warrior 150 Challenge hike, both on Saturday and Sunday of each 2-day hike. The Registration Table is open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM and will be located near the beginning of each hike (specifics will be stated on each Warrior 150 Challenge hike page). Hikers are welcome to start once they have signed in. For those interested in starting as a group, a Hike Leader will begin the course at 7:30AM each day.

Registration Form

Please download and print the Warrior 150 Challenge Warrior 150 Challenge Registration Form  and bring with you to your first hike. Complete and sign the Registration Form and drop-off at the Registration Table. Blank Registration Forms will be available at the Registration Table. Participants need to only complete and sign a form one time to participate in all of the hikes. At each additional hike, participants will only need to “sign-in” at the Registration Table.

Warrior 150 Challenge hikes – Routes

Visit each Warrior 150 Challenge hike page and download the map and route for Day 1 and Day 2 and bring with you to the respective hike. It has turn by turn directions for the routes, hydration stations and other important trail information.


Bring water with you to each day, and be sure to fill your water bottles at home. Hydration stations will be provided each day of the Warrior 150 Challenge. You need to supply your own snacks. We are working with community donors to have extra snacks and water available, please check each Warrior 150 Hike for specifics.